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Stupid Kidneys!

So over the past week I had the pleasure of having my 26th and 27th kidney stone. One was 4mm and the other was 6mm. Of course the doc figured a stent would be oh so awesome to put in! I hate doctors and now I hate my kidneys even more! Thankfully after sitting in the er for the second time in one week they took the stent out but holy god am I still in pain. I thought the stent was suppose to help you not hurt you more! I just wish these things would go away for good but the doc told me there is nothing I can do to prevent them. So for the rest of my life two to three times a year I have to deal with the pain of passing stones! I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worse enemy…..or would I??? I know how everyone feels who goes through the pain I went through! 

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Im still in shock that they killed off Opie. I was crying like a baby last night when I was watching it! How could Kurt kill off such a loved character AGAIN! I was mad when they killed off Half-Sack but now Opie!?!?!? Clay def should of been killed! Heart is now broken :(

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Love this Quote

We had a love so strong… that it just seemed like we were one. I would get ready to tell him something and he would open his mouth and say the very thing that I was fixing to tell him. And then, there were those moments when I would lay my head on his chest just to listen to his heartbeat. And then one night, I realized that his heartbeat matched mine. I have had an opportunity that few people ever get on this earth; God has blessed me to share time and space with a man that he designed himself just for me. I’ve not only been blessed, I have been divinely favored.—Aunt Myrtle (Madea’s Family Reunion)

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